What Is H.o.P.S.?
H.o.P.S. is a family oriented hombrewer's club that emphasizes the education of homebrewer's and wine makers. Our aim is to improve the members knowledge of brewing, winemaking and the appreciation of beers and wines.

We meet the second Thursdays of each month at 7 PM at The Beer Essentials. Membership is $15 per year for the entire family. You must attend at least one meeting a year to renew your membership and will receive a 5% discount at The Beer Essentials for your continuing membership with the club.

Robert Christian  has supported this club through his store since the inception, Robert is also a member of the club.

H.o.P.S. has three BJCP judges who will judge your homebrews at any time and help evaluate any flaws or questions that you have.

We emphasize the family in our club. Spouses and children are welcome at all of our events.

We have many special events during the year. We have several special brew events scheduled. We have provided a list of events, so you may see how active our club is.

Schedule of Events

January 2000
Elect HoPS board members
February 2000
March 2000
April 2000
Start taking entries for HoPS Mayfest
May 2000
National Homebrew Day, HoPS Mayfest
June 2000
July 2000
August 2000
HoPS Picnic, Evergreen State Fair Beer Judging and Stewards
September 2000
Western Washington Fair Beer Judging and Stewards for Beer and Wine
October 2000
November 2000
Teach someone to brew day, Open House
December 2000
HoPS Christmas Party

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